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Week 14 – Burning Desire

Our week 14 assignment was to watch one of four movies, either:

1) October Sky
2) Door to Door
3) Cool Runnings
4) Rudy

We had to watch the movie and look out for the 4 tiny habits of success.


The movie I watched was Rudy, I thoroughly enjoyed it, from the outset it was screaming true deep down burning desire. Movie Rudy is a true story about a determined young man, who wanted to play football (American) for as long as he could remember at one specific University, Notre Dame. Rudy (Ruettiger) would do everything he could to achieve his life long dream, against all odds. Odds including being half the size of a typical American Footballer, financially unable to pay for tuition and falling short of grades to qualify for a scholarship, not to mention no belief or support of Rudy’s dream by his family.

What came through loud and clear from Rudy was he whole heartedly believed in his dream of getting to play Football in Notre Dame. Long before there was even a whiff of his dream being a possibility. There is a scene, where as a child Rudy along with his best friend are both reciting word for word the commentator of one of their favourite teams football game. Just watching them recite it, you could see they believed they were not in their bedroom reciting, but on the football pitch of that game – they could visualise it, feel being there, smell the popcorn whilst being in the stands and touch it. This scene reminded me of reading out my DMP and index cards everyday. I can definitely read with more conviction.

The opportunity arose to visit his desired University, whilst at school, Rudy arrived to take up this opportunity. However, Rudy’s school teacher denied him a place on the coach advising ‘university is not for everyone’ and also referred to Rudy as a Dreamer, his teacher said “The problem with dreamers, they’re not doers” – How many of these types of comments or people with similar views do we meet throughout our lives?
I bumped into an old friend over the holiday season, who sarcastically asked me “so have you made your millions yet?” Scroll 2 came to mind, give nothing but love. So, I smiled and said ‘soon’

Rudy’s best friend Pete, was the complete opposite of the teacher. Pete had always believed and supported his best friends dream, he gives Rudy a Notre Dame jacket, needless to say Rudy was over the moon. Pete said ‘you were made for that jacket” and “Having dreams is what makes life tolerable’.

Rudy definitely had the 4 tiny success habits:

1) A Definite Major purpose – Rudy was going to play football at Notre Dame, he was certainly definite about that. Rudy would talk about it in present tense, he believed 1000% in his dream. Rudy would also tell people he attends the university – in his mind he was already there.

2) Plan of Action – Rudy’s plan was to save what he could and get a foot in the university. Initially as a maintanence man of the football field he was going to play on.

3) Positive Mental Attitude – Rudy was a fantastic optimist and laser focus on doing anything that would take him a step closer to achieving his dream.
Rudy held on tight to his vision and dream, even when his dad explained that attending universities like Notre Dame was for rich people, and not for people like us. Rudy’s Dad said ‘chasing dreams causes nothing but heartache for everyone around you’. Rudy’s Dad was coming from the past and his own personal experience with his own dad (Rudy’s Grandad). I saw this as a really touching moment because a lot of the time when people make negative comments, is they are coming from a place of fear and in this example Rudy’s Dad didn’t want him to get hurt like he and his brothers had done.

4) A Mastermind – Rudy had this with his best friend Pete, college mate D-Mob and maintenance colleague ‘Fortune’. They were all supportive of Rudy.

However, the steel determination Rudy had in everything he done to live his dream – inspired others and they were proud – the other players, his Dad and family, Masterminder – D-Bob and maintenance colleague Fortune.

I am loving this course, they truly have our backs and have had us covering each of the success habits before we even knew that’s what they were doing. I have my DMP, POA, tools to keep me constantly aware of having a PMA and we have a great network of other Masterminders on this course, where we all support each other, as well as having a personal MAstermind partner and I am blessed to have a great Master mind partner too (Cindy ;-))

I want to leave you with one of my favourite scenes from the movie. Never give up on your dreams!!

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Week 13 – Christmas Gratitude

In our last lesson before our one week break for Christmas, our teachers went over quite a few things, to keep us busy over the next 2weeks. They covered remembering to live by your Dharma, your purpose and continue to use the metaphor of a compass to represent being on your path and coming from your heart and not living by the clock, especially over the holiday season. To stay true to our basic exercises, look out for the 4 basic habits in some movies, be the vigilant guardsman of the gate, list your successes and note your gratitudes.

Armed with this great advice, fantastic tools and knowledge such as the seven laws of the Mind, I have everything to keep me on track. Well, so I thought, it seemed like one thing after one thing was going to keep me challenged for the Christmas, starting from the last webinar before our Christmas break – My Grandad was unwell and I had to take him into hospital. I had his hospital bag and mine (iPad, class notes, notepad, pens, highlighters and index cards ;-)). While my Grandad was resting in his hospital bed I was able to tune into parts of the webinar, until the Doctor came to talk to us. I was Grateful to catch a good hour of the webinar, remembering our new gratitude flash cards from the previous week. My attitude of gratitude began to flow – I am so grateful my Grandad is being looked after in hospital, I am grateful I have the means to do transport him in, I am just Grateful!!
Then an urgent call on Christmas Eve from the hospital for all family members to attend a meeting with the doctors about my Grandad’s health. It wasn’t looking good that my Grandad was going to be out of hospital for Christmas Day – our First Family Christmas with all of my Grandad’s children, Grand children and Great grand children. However, I was grateful that I was able to see my Gran-Aunts and Uncle’s as a result of the urgent call.


Christmas Day arrives and we were given the green light to take Grandad home for a few hours – fantastic!! Well, so I thought – until I saw my Grandad – he couldn’t walk and was not the man I knew. I had to quickly collect myself – switched my thoughts using the law of substitution. I was quickly grateful that all our family were together, in a warm and spacious home, with good food and good company. Gratitude flowing again. I had to take a moment to acknowledge, that actually our family had been fragmented for several years but when it counted we naturally came together and became one WHOLE part!! The children knew nothing of what was happening with Grandad and we held it together. I am so Happy and grateful for my family!!


This weeks Master key reading, which spoke to me, was: “Thought will bring about conditions in correspondence with the predominant mental attitude. Therefore, if we fear disaster, as fear is a powerful form thought, disaster will be the certain result of thinking. It is this form of thought which frequently sweeps away the result of many years of toil and effort”.

Stay positive and remember to be grateful for everything!!

I am wishing everyone a very happy holiday season and New year! Peace and love!

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Week 12 – What would LOVE do?

This has been an interesting week. It started on Saturday with an impromptu visit from my fun, crazy cousin Iman and when you get her together with my just as crazy sister – well, fun and frolics is on the menu!! Not to mention Opinions, opinions, opinions!! Personally, I had done so well for the week in keeping my opinions in check, well so I thought and then – pure jokes and laughs and a glass or two of wine and before I knew it – opinions were leaving my mouth – left, right and centre – involuntary – I must add!!! The greatest thing is, after explaining to my cousin about the exercise of not giving an opinion, she said that’s easy!!! LMAO!! (sorry to be rude) But it was soooo funny, within 5 minutes of her saying that, she clocked herself giving opinions too and trying to retract what she was saying!! LOL!! No longer a restart for me, this is a consistent self observation, without judgement! 😉 Haanel’ Master key teachings state: “The only way to stop going backwards is to keep going forward. Eternal Vigilance is the price of success“. Great start, Haanel says there are three essential steps of thought:

First: You must have the knowledge of your power
Second: The Courage to dare
Third: The Faith to do

Loving this MKMMA journey.

Sunday was good, my sister, Mum and I attended a car boot sale to declutter our homes. It was a 5:30am start in the cold, which was all good. We got there set up and had great interest in our goods. All I had ringing in my head was “When each day is ended, not regarding whether it has been a success or a failure, I attempt to achieve one more sale. When my thoughts beckon my tired body homeward I resist temptation to depart. I try again. I make one more attempt to close with victory, and if that fails I make another. Never do I allow any day to end with failure. Thus I plant the seed of tomorrows success and gain an insurmountable advantage over those who cease their labor at a prescribed time”.
Our feet were literally ice blocks and we did not leave until others had packed and we were one of the last standing, regardless of literally painfully numb feet and we made 2 more sales in shutting down after other stall holders!! Thank you Og!!

I have loved our Haanel teaching/reading this week – it has been very powerful for me. What has spoken for me most this week is Power all thoughts with love. Love is the key!!


Haanel states ‘Impregnate all thoughts with LOVE and it is INVINCIBLE’!! Haanel also states: “The law of love is the creative force behind every manifestation”

This week I also listened to comments from colleagues on their own self discovery journey. Noting their personal growth and how different they are to other people who perhaps not as privy to our teachings. Comments made were: ‘not on my level’ and ’they’re using negative words’. I found myself, having an opinion about the comments. I was happy my colleagues are growing, I felt uncomfortable hearing them refer to others who don’t know any different as less than we – which I am sure is not what they were meaning to say/do. Perhaps, interesting I took it that way! It then made me think about how I want to be, when speaking to people who are not exposed to our learnings and everyone for that matter. I asked myself the question “What would LOVE do here?” “How would LOVE reply?” “How would LOVE behave?” It made me think of Og Mandino’s Scroll 2 and Haanel’s Master Key part 12, where LOVE is key to both readings/teachings. Judgements, opinions, resentments, patronising – these words sound harsh and not from love.
Therefore, my opinion about my fellow colleagues was not Loving either and acts as a lesson for me to work on always coming from a place of Love with everything I am doing, until it is just second nature.

Have also been having fun memorising the Seven Laws of the Mind. The Law of Substituiton refers to switching your thoughts from negative to positive. Either think of God or use a fond memory. I am using this picture of my neice to switch my thoughts – it always makes me chuckle.


Have a fabulous week all.

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Week 11 – Relax

So, I am back in the UK after the excitement of last week!! Back into my routine of reading and affirming out aloud and so glad to be back in class after 1 week break!!

The class this week was very powerful, as it covered the 4 tiny habits to success and linking what we have been doing so far on this course – our reading of Master Key and Greatest Salesman.

The 4 tiny habits that lead to success are:

1) A Definite PURPOSE backed by a burning desire for its fulfilment.

2) A definite PLAN, expressed in continuous action

3) A mind closed tightly against all NEGATIVE and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.

4) Friendly (Mastermind) alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.

Our teachers advised how we have actually already been doing all of the above, by reading out our Definite Major purpose (DMP), index cards with working plan of action, following the Mental diet and partnering up with a fellow Master-minder.
I actually feel very proud of this fact because if I actually reflect over the past 10 – 11 weeks and how I found it challenging to initially write my DMP, to actually now, not only reading it out aloud – singing it everyday as if it was a top 10 chart hit!! LOL!!
Reading out my index cards everyday, especially my Working Plan of Action.
The mental diet, initially I found this a challenge, but when I started to relax. Be mindful of what I’m saying. I use the tools provided to assist me – “I AM whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious & happy’. I say this throughout the day and catch myself within 7 seconds of something, that shouldn’t leaving my mouth. But I feel more relaxed and find I am more positive. Which is amazing being that my current situation is very serious – in that it is imperative I keep positive to ensure I keep my family together.

Og Mandino, Greatest Salesman in the world, scroll 3 states:
“I will ignore the obstacles at my feet and keep mine eyes on the goals above my head, for I know that where dry desert ends, green grass grows. I will persist until I Succeed”. This has also help me keep my mind pure, positive and focused on where it must be – positivity!! In addition to this, the Master keys, lesson 11 states as the exercise to concentrate on the quotation from the Bible: “Whatsoever things ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them”. I have re-written a part of my press release to adjust my outcome and am reading and praying on it.

With my dedication to my activities, readings, exercises and support from my fellow MKMMA members – We have the result I want and that is to keep my family together under the same roof and home!!

Thanks for your support and love!

Love and light to each and everyone reading this post!

I leave you with one of my favourite songs, which reminds me to just be:

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Week 10 – Global shapes and colours ;-)

So, this week has been a complete change to the routine. In another country – Dubai!!! Plus a few days into my trip, was a new scroll of Greatest Salesman, which was perfectly timed for me! A great reminder to keep persisting until I Succeed.

I realised one of my peptides is being hard on myself! I was conscious that I had to find a new routine for this week and it took me a bit of time to get into the groove of reading my scroll, Master Key, sit and other reads – It quickly dawned on me that I just need to slow down and live in the moment. I was in Dubai on a working music gig, which I had included and asked for in my DMP. How amazing!! Once I relaxed and was flexible with everything, it all worked out and I was given signs I was doing ok. I must have fallen asleep on the coach on way to another performance and I was dreaming about my shapes and colours (I hadn’t looked at them for a couple of days), when I opened my eyes on the coach, I could hardly believe my eyes and couldn’t get my camera into gear quick enough. Here was what I could capture:

Rock shapes


Each of the colours were represented on the rocks, I was blown away and couldn’t help but laugh to myself. Not to mention, that actually everyday I was wearing at least 2 of our colours:



I also learnt that my PPN’s are truly my core – I can not help myself, I am a natural helper, even with people who have perhaps been less than kind, as Og teaches in scroll 2 – “But how do I react to the actions of others? With Love” It came naturally to me!!
My 2nd PPN also spoke loud and clearly to me – our very last night and performance in Dubai, gave me such an amazing feeling and that was “Recognition for Creative expression” – I loved it. Here it is, I hope you enjoy:

Love and light until next week.

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Week 9 – Only what you want

Well the results are in from my 9 day Aloe Vera cleanse and 7 day mental diet.

In total I lost 7 pounds (3.175kg) and in relation to my Mental diet I got soooooooo close to completing 1 whole day – woooooohhhhhooooo!!
I will do my full 7 days!!!
It is quite interesting because both of these diets have felt like I was going ‘cold Turkey’, so to speak. However, there was soon assistance to keep me going and boost me along my way.

With the 9 day cleanse, it has recently been revised from where on the 1st 2 days of the programme you could only have the correct nutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins etc that the body requires in liquid form. However, the new revised version allows you now to also if you so wish to choose from a list of FREE foods, which do not affect your blood sugar levels or calorie intake – Happy days!!! On the Mental diet, I was given a powerful affirmation to counteract any negative thoughts – ensuring I use the law of substitution (we cannot think about 2 things at the same time). The affirmation is: I AM Whole, Perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. And I can tell you I have been learning this one like my life depends on it – so I know it off by heart now and will continue to say it until it is second nature and it is the last thing on my lips before I go to bed and the first thing on my lips when I wake up.

This week has also been very interesting because I have been preparing myself to travel on a trip, I know had only come about as a result of my first few weeks on this course. The work from my DMP, affirming what I want out aloud. One of those things is Travel and another is Music and today (Friday 28th November 2014) – I am travelling to Dubai to play in a Steel pan band, with a select few band members (2 of which include my daughter and niece) all expenses paid. WOW!!! I have to take a personal moment to recognise that and be completely grateful because I have also been chipping away at the cement and old peptides, hence learning that affirmation off by heart!! I am so glad Davene, Mark and my fellow MKMMA colleagues have had my back with all the support and sharing. Thank you, thank you thank you.
Also, being that we were allowed to watch TV again after the 7 day ban, I choose to watch one of my favourite movies “Sex and the City 2” being that they are based in the Middle East, I thought it would be useful. Here is one of my favourite clips:

Enjoy and look forward to catching up next week, reporting from the Middle East.

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